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On Farm Management Program

This program and its defined aspects will tailor make all areas of your business. Based on inputs, we will generate the best possible outcome to increase profit margins.

Free Delivery

Free delivery in Bathurst for domestic pet food purchases. Delivery times are 10-2, Monday to Friday. Please call 6331 4034 for your area delivery details.

Soil Testing

Have your soil tested to determine levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash and Sulphur and what strategies are needed for pasture improvement. Testing ranges from basic to complete. Please contact us for more information.

Worm Testing

Faecal Egg testing is available for parasite control/liver fluke and identifies parasites such as barbers pole, small stomach etc. We also have resistance testing which will then determine the most appropriate drench to use.

Please contact us if you are in the surrounding Bathurst area, and we will come out to you to collect samples.